Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bill Boredom

There is not a fine line between activism and vandalism. It's very clear.
Destroy property and people go nuts. do it cleverly, and the message gets across. Do it stupidly, and you shoot yourself in the foot, ruin the focus of whatever point you were trying to make, and make even more people hate your perspective.

Antigay gay vandals destroy billboard

A billboard showing a tall, proud Marine, saluting smartly and kitted out in full dress uniform, was vandalized in Memphis, Tennessee. The billboard ad, put up by the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, read, "I’m gay and I protected your freedom."

The billboard’s defacement was denounced as an act of homophobia, reported a Nov. 17 article at, but then a "Radical Transfolk, Queers and Allies" group calling itself Bash Back! took credit for the vandalism, denouncing the cost of the billboard ad--reported to be $3,500--and citing the high level of violence targeting trans people in the city: "11 trans women of color, 1 white transwoman and 1 transman of color" have been killed in Memphis, which also suffers from "one of the highest queer youth homeless rates in the nation."

Thanks, kids! F for effort. Talk about off-topic!

That's exactly the case with the inane, twerpy, PR-needy brats with Bash Back. The quartet of 20something doofs -who've gotten overpraiseful undeserving PR in Details and The Advocate- think it's "radical" to deface a billboard supporting the rights of LGBTs in the military. Instead of protesting the actual military itself -these weiners would never have the guts to do that- they attack an ad because, um, queer people in that city are getting beat up, and a $3500 billboard is a waste of money, or something.

So, make it look like even more people hate gays! Yeah, that'll show 'em!
The weaseldinks at Bash Back are the face of the new idiocracy. With no understanding of the decades of activism that made an impact, they poop their own diapers to protest something going on in their crib.

If you're going to deface a billboard, which I highly recommend, do it with some preparation and a response. Defacement should change the message, warp it.

Example: Exodus gets a makeover.

Example 2: McCain's true motives unveiled.

Self-criticism is healthy for a subculture.
But Bash Back is just dumb.

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