Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pocket Hunk; Pioneer Gone

Wasn't Henry Cejudo the cutest little pocket stud ever? His appearance on last night's Tonight Show made enduring Bill Maher's amusing political rants even better. Oh, he's so cute, and a perfect poster boy for immigrant cultures making good. Here's a Wall Street Journal blog bit on Henry the mini-hottie.
Another minor and ineffectual victory in the controversy over NBC's deliberate omission of Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham's victory hugs deemed "too gay for TV."

Relentless editor Michael Jensen got a lame apology from NBC's president, no less.

"We regret that we missed the opportunity to tell Matthew Mitcham's story. We apologize for this unintentional omission."

Enjoy the thorough discussion n, BAR sports writer Roger Brigham's even-handed take on it, and if you get Sirirus Out Q news radio, did you know I do the occasional news story? Yep, they like my "announcer voice," and I did a short bit on the Mitcham/NBC thing.

Pioneering lesbian activist Del Martin died yesterday, and pretty much everyone covered it; even Barack Obama's people released a statement.

"Michelle and I were deeply saddened to hear that Del Martin had passed. Del committed her life to fighting discrimination and promoting equality. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her spouse Phyllis Lyon, and all those who were touched by her life."

Here in San Francisco, Alex Randolph, the Mayor's ultra-cute liason to the LGBT community, said that the state flag at City Hall would be lowered today in her honor.

There isn't any aspect of contemporary LGBT life that can't be traced back to the groundbreaking work of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, even sports.

When I curated Sporting Life for the GLBT Historical Society, one of my goals was to find the earliest documentation of organized out lesbian and/or gay sports activities.

And where did I find it? One the last page of the first issue of The Ladder, a women's bowling group. That's why I insisted on combining the vintage-looking (actually late 1980s) image of women bowling, with the then-current image of the cutie soccer players. We're all connected.

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