Friday, August 1, 2008

Black out

It was great to be completely offline for almost a week when I visited Ohio, probably for the last time, to help my brother sell our mom's house and estate. A month before, we'd helped her move to Tucson, and I'll have pics and videos of the sale soon.

Actually, catching up has been quite time-consuming. It's a good thing I get to proofread my own paper, otherwise I wouldn't have time for news. But for other updates, I check out my filtered news sources of choice,, JoeMyGod, Towleroad and Queerty.

People are getting assaulted outside bars, pride marches are being attacked, McCain continues his flatulent campaign, etc. etc.

The pic above is from today's solar eclipse, visible in China. The folks there say it's a bad omen for their Olympics. I'd say they're right. Bulldozing the homes of thousands, imprisoning thousands more, shutting down gay bars, using slave labor, censoring all media access, bullying through the torch ceremonies.

Yep, you got a truckload of bad karma. I'd be worried about more than the moon upstaging the sun.

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