Saturday, June 23, 2007

Think Pink!

It's Pink Saturday, the day before the big ole Pride March, among other events going on.

And that means two big pink events, the annual installation of the Pink Triangle high atop Twin Peaks, which seems to have gone well. Here's a slide show and photos.

This year's grand marshals and special guests, like cast members of Noah's Arc, including Wilson Cruz; Marine Eric Alva, Styx bass player Chuck Panozzo, politicians Carole Migden, Tom Ammiano, Bevan Dufty and Mark Leno, attended. You gotta hand it to these folks who always seem to make time for these celebrations and official events.

I haven't been up to Twin Peaks in years. It is quite a view, and today was wonderful for clear skies.

I stopped by Civic Center to peruse the booth-orama the day before the big invasion. Lots of the same stuff. I won't weave through that tomorrow. I did get there just in time to see the cast of the upcoming San Jose production of Hair sing a few songs. Saw a few friends and acquaintances.

Funny to hear those songs sung now that I have such short hair, and may have forgone my groovy attitudes. I was in a 1980 production of Hair at Kent State University as a freshman. I wore a wig head bad, groovy jeans and brown suede fringe boots. Ah, memories.

Tonight, it's off to see RuPaul in StarrBooty at the Castro (nearing the end of the Frameline filmfest), after which all of Castro Street will be crowded with Pink Saturday revelers. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence had sent media emails asking for a "news blackout" like that would help control crowds. Silly.

Also silly, I dressed up my bike for tomorrow, with Mardi Gras beads and posterized versions of my Cyclizen stickers. A few have stuck to bike racks around town, but in most cases they get torn off. Not exactly the most legal form of PR, so I've got postcards with lil stickers of info for my July 18 gig at A Different Light bookstore on it.

I've been putting postcards on bikes around town, specifically where bikes are parked in, um, gay areas or at events. We'll see if it helps. If you're one of those cyclizens who are visiting here because of a postcard, hi!

Tomorrow, it's riding with Mikes on Bikes, reading at 3pm at the Writer's Village (whose stage was barely set up, but reversed, with City Hall behind it this year), and perhaps a visit to City Hall for the big Pink Magazine party.

It'll be nice to get inside amid all the heat and hubbub. Then back home to take a break, and go to a party or two.

Tomorrow I won't be hanging with three of my best friends, who are all leaving town, the party poopers. But a few other pals will ride bikes as well. 15 years of gayocity here in SF; I never celebrate it the same way twice.


Fun update: Starrbooty was exactly what I'd hoped; a raunchy, over the top, silly fun camp fest, with drag queens galore, even a few porn dudes showing their boners, and a wonderful tribute to exploitation flicks. RuPaul, aka R.A. Charles, also wrote the script and composed the wacky groovy tunes.

At the post-film Q&A, I asked Ru if and when the soundtrack would be available. Ru said it would be soon downloadable on iTunes, but not released as a CD. "That's so 20th- century!" she quipped.

Outside, Pink Saturday was a cold blustery drunken mob of people trying to find each other on their cell phones. I went home. Gotta rest up for tomorrow's gayocity.

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