Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pace, Pride, Purpose

Chimpoleon should ride his bike more often.

He's still smarting from his multi-city tour trip ("Chimpy Goes to G8"), where he was basically the most hated of all (s)elected rulers.

Protests, protests, protests in Germany. The usual virulent hatred toward cabalistic elite rulers continues. Remember when one riot was so shocking to the world? Today, they're commonplace.

I don't know why Chimpy went to Rome to visit Pope Nazinger, other than to perhaps share a meal of infant blood. 10,000 caribinieri and other police forces were needed to quell the hundreds of thousands of people protesting his presence.

I recall the cute caribinieri guarding the crumbling Colosseum in 2000 as the World Pride Roma parade passed it by. So many cuties; many of them still a tad fascist, but hey. They're nice to look at.

In other news, Massachusetts is going full speed ahead with gay marriages, specifically, banning a century-old law that prohibits out-of-state residents from marrying.

It's "an avalanche of lawmakers switching sides in one of the most suspenseful legislative battles in recent history," said the Boston Herald of this decision.

Gee, if it goes through America in the order of statehood, Hawaii will have gay marriage in 170 years or so. Until then, Mass. will become the Niagara Falls of the gay 21st century.

I don't have cable, but for now, YouTube still shows the best of clips, like The Colbert Report, which still makes hilarious spot-on points about us "homosexuals."

So, I get a lot of spam on my oldest ISP email address. Some of it is from the GOP. Amazing crap they spew out. I particularly relished closet case Ken Mehlmen's blather, and his recent departure, shortly after he was outed. Funny, that.

Of course, the GOPigs continue their attacks on Speaker Nancy Pelosi - my congresswoman- and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for daring to criticize the massive incompetence in Iraq. Here's a snippet from the GOPuppets:

During an interview with liberal bloggers, he called Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace "incompetent." He made similar comments about General David Petreaus, the man leading our troops in Iraq.

There is room for him to express reasonable disagreement about our path forward in Iraq. But to attack our military is unacceptable. To attack General Petraeus, the man actually leading our troops on the ground, is reprehensible. And to call General Pace, a man who has served our nation for his entire adult life with honor and distinction, 'incompetent' is beyond the pale.

Why would Reid attack our men and women in uniform? One simple reason: to play catch-up with the fringes of his liberal base.

This blather, penned by Robert M. "Mike" Duncan (which name is it, dude?) is as wonderfully ill-timed as all the other GOP spam.

Pace just got fired, Reid is right, and the GOPers continue to support, in fact ALL GOP candy-dates support Don't Ask, Don't Tell, despite rising resistance to it, and support toward overturning it.

For Pace to call homo behavior "immoral" may have been what got him canned, but I doubt it. He told Chimpy the troop surge was wrong, and Chimpy eventually cans anybody who doesn't think his asshate ideas are brilliant.

I got to speak to someone whose opinions about Pace and the war are more relevant; Eric Alva.

He's the gay Marine who was the first one injured in the Iraq invasion. Now he's the default interviewee on major media following the Pace utterance. And I just interviewed him yesterday, as he was flying from one city to another on the tour of appearances sponsored by HRC's campaign to overturn DADT.

If GOPigs want to castigate Sen. Reid about insults, they should take a look at how they insult brave Marines like Alva, who was honored for his sacrifice - specifically, his right leg. To say a man like him shouldn't serve is an insult to him and the other estimated 85,000 gay and lesbian troops now serving.

He was great to talk with, and my interview will be in the Pride edition of the Bay Area Reporter, out Thursday, June 21.

Eric will be in San Francisco speaking on the main stage at SF Pride, probably sitting on the back seat of convertible in the parade, and at a few other events. You really need to see or meet this guy to know how important overturning DADT is.

Talk to a gay or lesbian vet. Put your politics about the war/invasion/occupation aside. I did, for a while. I find it hard to support anyone who goes there willingly to do Chimpy's bidding.

But I'll argue for their right to do so. They sign up to defend out country, and it's not their fault the higher-ups are evil or incompetent.

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