Friday, June 22, 2007

Pride-athlon 07

Mainstream media takes a look at "the gays" this time of year.

Here's a little round up:

CNN on a family, and changes, with some interesting sidebars;

SF Chronicle: Elizabeth Edwards will speak at a morning Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club event at the Francis Drake Hotel. Wait for the rightwingers to call her a brownie-eating socialist as soon as they find out who Toklas was...

Brazil's gay pride drew millions, and bazillions...

UPI says it was only "thousands."

Rightwing media claims that the media coverage of Brazil's Pride is "wildly over-stimulated" (sic) while numbers for their anti-abortion rallies is small. Durn libral media!

Here in San Francisco, the parade won't be covered live. KRON 4 is afraid some nearly naked leather mama will disrupt their FCC license with an exposed boob. KRON will air an "edited" version at 7pm.

Thanks, Janet Jackson, you boob.

Actually, it won't be that bad, being able to watch it later that day.

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