Friday, May 18, 2007

Iraqracy's feature article today exposes some secret documents from the Coalition Provisional Authority, the privately appointed cabal, -er, now it seems, droning bureaucracy- given the now fruitless and hopeless duty of forcing the violently war-torn Iraq into a stable, docile money-making pseudo-democracy.

Writer Pete Moore's son accidentally stumbled upon these documents while downloading instructions for a video game. Huh.

"Through such fortunate mistakes researchers could piece together the unofficial, off-the-record history of empire," he writes.

The documents, in many pages, betray a single-minded myopia, and a good bit of mutual plagiarism.

"Much of the material they were cribbing seems to have come from the kind of sensitive, security-related documents that were never meant to be available to the public. In fact, about half of the 20 improperly redacted documents I downloaded, including the March 28 report, contain deleted portions that all seem to come from one single, 1,000-word security memo. The editors kept pulling text from a document titled "Why Are the Attacks Down in Al-Anbar Province -- Several Theories.""

An amusing note:

Item IV: "Design Oil Trust Fund."

Oh, no. Invading Iraq was never about oil!

Other pages betray a hackneyed, cliché-ridden perspective that is naive at best.

A gem: "We are still in knock on wood mode here, and there is no telling what the future holds."

It's kind of like watching a bumbling bureaucracy futzing with a failed dotcom while the building's on fire, except instead of stock prices tanking and the fire department showing up, hundreds of thousands of people die.

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Tony said...

His son found them by hitting keys on the computer while the CPA documents were open, turning on the Mark Up setting, allowing the previous edits to be seen.