Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike to Work Day

Switching gears to a happier tone...

Today was the annual Bike to Work Day. Organized by the SF Bicycle Coalition, almost 700 cyclists participated (riding from 8am-9am eastbound on Market).

I made my way to work a little later, Thursdays being our "easy" day at the BAR, what with the paper out, and only a few omitted online errors to repair.

Altogether a good day for the improvement of cycling access and visibility. it's always cute to see city officials in helmets on a bike. San Jose's mayor Harry Reid, SF's mayor Gavin Newsom (not eating any microphones), and Supervisor Tom Ammiano looking stylish and safe.

Check out SFBC's Chain of Events for more upcoming fun cycling events in the Bay area.

And join for only $35.

Enough shilling for cycling; off to watch the Ugly Betty season finale!!

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