Friday, May 25, 2007

Billions Served

Chimpoleon got the blank check my congresswoman Nancy Pelosi promised that she wouldn't write.

Chimpy gleefully signed the newest Iraq spending bill that Congress and Senate approved, which completely ignores the majority of American citizens' beliefs that the war should be curtailed, shortened, and for 3 out of 4 people polled, stopped soon.

What blackmail voodoo does Bushco have over this alleged Democratic majority? Billions more for a complete and utter failure that even Chimpy warned -as a bird shat on his suit-would lead to more violence throughout the summer.

Calling for a pullout is equated with siding with Iraqi terror mongers like Al-Sadr, who has continued his threats against US forces. Such are the statements made by Bush asslicker John McCain.

"I think the president's policy is going to begin to unravel now," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who expressed disappointment that the bill did not force an end to U.S. participation in the conflict.

I don't see how anything is going to unravel when you keep giving him billion-dollar rope with which he has yet to hang himself.

At least some people, unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who only voted against the funding bill AFTER it had enough votes to pass, are protesting.

At the University of Mass. Amherst graduation ceremonies, hundreds of of graduating students and audience members protested so loudly that they shouted down speaker Andrew Card, who is Chimpoleon's former chief of staff.

Yep, another Bushco quitter, this time, getting a fake, er, honorary doctorate. For what? Doctoring documents to provoke the fraudulent war? Card was one of the demonic engineers of the Iraq invasion.

""It was a great honor and a privilege to be here," he said afterward, ignoring a reporter's questions about the protesters.

The protests were mainly contained to an area in the back of the campus arena and many of the faculty on stage who joined the three- to four- minute outburst.

One faculty member on stage held a sign: "Card - no honor, no degree." Another sign said "War criminals go home."

Chancellor John Lombardi refused afterward to comment on the protests or Card's honorary degree.

Daniel Ball, a political independent who received a doctoral degree in industrial engineering, said he wouldn't judge whether Card should be given the degree. He thought the protesters were out of line.

"I'm definitely the minority here. But it turned into a circus, outside, inside, and it was a disappointment," Ball said.

Before the commencement ceremony, about 100 faculty and students sang anti-war songs, handed out leaflets and waved signs outside the arena."

What part of the horrific Iraq war isn't a circus, Mr. Ball?

This being Memorial Day weekend, we'll have dozens more dead soldiers to remember by Monday.

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