Monday, July 4, 2011

Firearmed is Forewarned

Happy birthday to the only country whose national anthem ends in a question mark.

You'll forgive me if I tend to remove myself far away from pyrotechnical displays this year.

I'd love to believe it's the land of the free. But it's more lately been the land of the "free to dodge bullets."

Yesterday, I'd been at this stop an hour before a shooting Saturday night left one man dead. Later, someone with a knife was shot by BART cops.

Last week, five people were shot on the Saturday of Pride weekend near Civic Center (at least the hot shirtless guy doesn't seem hurt. But seriously...).

With the memory of the Pink Saturday shootings two years ago, some were quick to associate it. The criminals were apprehended, and a video of the aftermath was aired.

SF Pride even got into the fray, threatening to sue the videographers for misrepresenting pride, as the shootings took place a few blocks away from Civic Center.

Again, I missed this shooting by a few minutes. That's happened several times in other places throughout the city.

But in addition to that, what's Pride doing, while in the middle of its own difficulties, diving into a video bitchfight? Here's the aftermath on Market Street, which focuses on a 75-year-old man bleeding. WARNING; graphic.

Read a critique of this censorship attempt, and see other videos HERE.
Happy 4th, freedom of speech and all that.

Oh, and congrats, New York.

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