Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little off, the top

Another readin', another show!

Well, not really a show, but a reading should be entertaining, right?

When I first heard about the Reading Series at Joe's Barbershop, I thought, "Oh, that's the place with all the cute barbers. I should get a cut there for a change of pace from Louie's."

It turned out they were as much of a bargain, closer to my home, and they had a few racy magazines like old-fashioned barbershops, only with gay mags. Mmm.

The reading series, curated by owner Joe's beau Michael McAllister, turned into an instant hit, and like any self-serving author, I soon afterward pestered Micheal - er, politely volunteered - to read at an upcoming event.

Then I got the best haircut in years from Mike. Then, later, Michael asked me to read for this month's event, which is cool, since I like early December, my birthday being the next day, and well, it being all pre-holidaze-ish.

With the chosen theme "Incredible, Improbable, Impossible," I've polished up one of my many orphaned short stories, trimmed it and styled it (Hey, I'll be reading in a barbershop), and hope you can be there to enjoy my story, along with authors Helen Wecker and Holly Payne. Musician Megan Keely will also sing some songs.

Plus, for a mere $5, you enjoy a beer or soft drink, chips, snacks, and if you get there early, sit in one of those everso comfy barber chairs.

Details HERE.

Joe’s Barbershop
2150 Market St (between Church and Sanchez)
Saturday, December 5th, at 8 pm.

Books Inc. (we love them) will be selling a few copies of my first and third novels, PINS and Cyclizen, along with other books.

So, what's my reading about? It's not an excerpt from a novel.

Here's a subtle hint, aka, something visual that's not too abysmal:

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