Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Actually, no.

But when it rains, and I have to ride, it better be fun, or at least comfortable, or I'm not doing it.

Lacking a completely waterproof outfit, I'd been doing makeshift for years, with layers, different gloves, and a generally unflattering combo that made me look like a giant puffy dork.

Of course, some outfits might make you look like a scifi moving machine.

Here's an article about winter cycling that offers comparable tips. I remember that fun, not exactly good unless the snow's packing fresh. After it turns to slush, you might as well walk, or you'll end up sliding under a bus.

A reminder on rain riding in the Bay Area from Cyclicious; fenders! That's so the back spatter doesn't spray your butt with mud like a cupcake.

Although it hasn't snowed in San Francisco proper -yet- the recent downpour in the Bay Area prompted me to take a long-overdue trip to Sports Basement, where I bought my Christmas and birthday presents. I got a new bike helmet, rain pants, running pants, glo stickers for the bike (maybe even the helmet), and a few other things.

But what brought me there, in the rain, was a red Speedo.

Yep, in the middle of a downpour, in a San Franciscan chill, I hunted Speedos.
After multiple Google address/phone/map checks, I narrowed it down.
Sports Basement, of course.

The salespeeps on the phone at both locations were like expert fishing gamesman, helping me round up exactly which sizes and brands were in stock.

Although the idea of either a Fillmore 22/combo bike trip to the Presidio store sounded fun, after a quick waist measurement, I realized that larger would be better, and headed toward South of Market to the Bryant Street store, where they had those sizes.

I forgot how much frackin' STUFF they have. I could have spent thousands, (camping equipment, new running shoes, gifts for family), the rain and exhilaration of having safely tooled down at a measured pace amid crazed auto drivers and bewildered jaywalking peds.

But I had a goal. I knew there were less than half a dozen red Speedos in town, and I had to have one.

For what?

The first San Francisco version of the Santa Speedo Run.

Started in Boston a few years ago, it's become a huge event there, and it's a lot colder. Guys and gals strip down in sub-zero temperatures in Santa hats and not much else. It's fun ( album), and more than a bit sexy, despite the shrink factor. they warm up once back in the bars. Sometimes they really warm up.

Toronto's version: "Some wait for Santa. Others for Elijah. And still others for Krüüdknæpper, the Festive Elf of Iceland. But in Yorkville, they wait for pasty-white “athletes” in nothing but flimsy red lycra."

So, Sunday, 1:30pm in the Castro, will be the first gay version, with Team San Francisco, Track and Fielders, FrontRunners and other jocks running in a one-mile jog around the hood. Pledge money goes to the SF AIDS Foundation. Party afterward for all at The Lookout ($5 for non-runners).

Should be fun.

Sign up HERE.

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