Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 14, Bike to Work Day

Last week I found a cell phone on the street.
It was actually a bike messenger's phone/walkie-talkie. I couldn't get it to work and call whomever the owner's friends were. Then I hit the side button and it talked back; i.e., the dispatcher for the bike messenger company talked back.
I gave him my work address and a co-worker of his picked it up, saying the owner might come by and give me a kiss. I asked, "Is he cute?"

Anyway, Thursday is Bike to Work Day, which is a holiday for me Monday through Friday. From SF Bike Coalition:

Hundreds of thousands of people will choose a healthy, green and affordable way to get to work this Thursday, May 14th for the 15th annual Bike to Work Day, which is organized by the 10,000-member San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC). Advocates, city leaders and everyday bicyclists will rally on City Hall steps to show support for projects that will double the number of bike lanes on city streets — a proposal headed to city decision-makers next month.

San Francisco has seen a whopping 43% increase in the number of people bicycling on city streets since 2006, according to a report by the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). This biking trend is sweeping City Hall where at least seven members of the Board of Supervisors, SF MTA Director Nathaniel Ford, SF MTA Board Chairman Tom Nolan, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Director of the Department of Public Works Ed Reiskin and Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting will choose two wheels this Thursday for Bike to Work Day.

“Commuter Convoys,” or groups of cyclists, will lead special morning bike tours to show these leaders the highs and lows of biking on the dozens of streets, such as Second, Fifth, 17th and Townsend Streets, Kirkham Ave., and Alemany Blvd., that are being considered for improvements. These Convoys will converge on the steps of City Hall at 8:30am for a rally to celebrate Bike to Work Day and show support for the planned June decision on the Bike Plan that proposes to double the miles of bike lanes.

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