Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's no small irony that the Russian name for the Moscow Police is a backwards spelling of HOMO. The city has an entirely backwards mayor and an even more backwards police department, which is basically a gang of thugs who harshly assaulted gay protestors at this year's Eurovision contest.

Some 30 campaigners had gathered near a university in defiance of a ban on their march and many were dragged away by police when they shouted slogans.

British gay rights activist, Peter Tatchell, was among those detained.

A counter-demonstration by nationalist and religious groups was allowed to go ahead elsewhere in the Russian capital.

The gay rights group had been waving flags and chanting slogans demanding equal rights and condemning the treatment of gays and lesbians in Russia.

At least 20 were arrested as police moved in to disperse the protest.

As he was being taken away by police, Mr Tatchell shouted: "This shows the Russian people are not free."

Speaking from a police station, he later told the BBC: "The way the police violently broke up our peaceful protest is an indication of a drift toward authoritarianism that is affecting all Russians."

- via the BBC, JoeMyGod and Troubled Diva.

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