Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pansy Craze

A few weeks ago, I interviewed pioneering gay musician Jon Ginoli of Pansy Division. The lovely folks at Cleis Press gave me a copy of Ginoli's autobiography Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division.

I just finished reading it today, partially while finally enjoying a few hours in sunny Dolores Park. Even the usual noise and curious dogs didn't faze my reading of this sweet and fascinating journey through the beginnings and arduous touring life of this funny, sweet and punk-pop band that made music history. It's great to read a band book where nobody dies of a drug overdose. Ginoli recounts the band's numerous tours around the country, in Europe, and opening for Green Day!

Look for Jon in your city, as he's in the middle of a months-long book tour, where I hear he plays a few songs, too.

Look for more Pansy Division in the Bay Area in August, when they reunite for gigs and perform songs from their new CD, That's So Gay.
They've also got a new film documentary on DVD. Enjoy more of their YouTube videos HERE.

The above video is one of their more dissonant, yet perfectly "gay" songs, "Vicious Beauty." I know a few high school guys who'd be perfect for the song's subject!

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