Thursday, April 9, 2009

NOM NOM, Dumb dumb

It's sweeping the gay blogs (and about half of all my friends' Facebook posts), so I might as well pile on.

The inane propagandistic and apparently Twilight-inspired cloudy-CGI lie-fomercial from the latest anti-gay anti-gay marriage cabal is both hilarious and heinously horrid.

The moronic National Organization for Marriage's acronym is the same as the LOLcat phrase "nom nom" which is LOLcatese for "Yummy Yummy!" They've also unleashed the 1 Million For Marriage cabal, which ironically uses the acronym 1M4M. Yeah, it's not a gay male hook-up site. Well, considering how many of the rightwing stooges are closet cases, who knows?

So much stupid, so little time. It's raining Stoopid!

And quick as a wink, hilariously bad paid actor greenscreen audition tapes have been unleashed.

Also, a remix of The Weather Girls' "It's Raining Men" and the lame-ass NOM video have gone viral.

I'm not linking to the rightwing video; don't wanna give it another click. Here's a response, though, with screencaps from the stupid video used:

For a full gay marriage video fest and judicial round-up, visit this post on


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