Sunday, December 7, 2008

Styrofoam Crosses and Pointed Sticks

While the Christians lionize - er, heroify their two pseudo-victions at Prop 8 rallies, where hundreds of thousands managed to do quite well when Christian crusaders, like Granny Styrofoam Cross in Palm Springs, didn't shove themselves into our contingents. 78 of 80 were Jeebus-free.

Are the crowing whining rightwingers, still sore from these two "outrages" noticing this?

Is Mike "My son tortures dogs" Huckabee seen enough skull-crackings for the week to qualify us as at least put upon in a rude manner? Asswipe. Chuck Norris may have endorsed you, but his wig went the other way.

Here's something that won't make the rounds of Freepertino and

Assailant in election night rainbow flag attack was the legislative aide of Del. Jackson Miller (R-Prince William): "Bryan Fumagalli, 28, was arrested Nov. 22 on two counts of simple assault, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office. 'I'm very disappointed in his actions,' Miller said today. 'He's being dealt with and being disciplined.' Police say Fumagalli assaulted one of two gay men who were walking outside the Capitol Hilton Hotel to a victory rally near the White House. They say he grabbed a rainbow flag, a gay rights symbol, from one of the men and assaulted him. Fumagalli has a court hearing Jan. 13."

Not Larry Sabato has a link to a video of local news TV coverage.

More on the assault HERE.

A Republican beat a guy up with a rainbow flag

Styrofoam crosses, flags. What next, hurled refridgerator magnets?

You can contact Mr. Jackson yourself, right here. Tell him what you think of him and his party's attacks, literally, on gays.

Look up his friends and associates. Tell them what you think of his violent act.

Because our weapon is information, not violence.

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