Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Faggots are Revolting

Police Prepare Riot Gear At 'No On 8' Vigil

Well, that was quick.

People are responding, and fast, to Prop 8's passage.

Three lawsuits have been filed.

In San Francisco, candles at City Hall, and some speeches.

On Current, see a video of the LA protest from the later afternoon.

On Good As You, see footage of gay activists taking to the streets after a protest at the LA Mormon headquarters.

LA Times reports that about 500 people broke from the main rally and stopped traffic for hours.

Screencaps and more on Towleroad.

8pm: LIVE footage of a continuing protest in Los Angeles. Gay people in a few thousands are marching through the city, hopefully out of the West Hollywood ghetto.

Checkbook activists: To sign up and pay for the LA Center to Invalidate Prop 8 can go HERE.

The most direct? THIS ONE.

Subject: Take Action Against LDS

If it upsets you that a church can meddle with another state's political statutes, here's something simple you can do:

To report the LDS Church to the IRS, simply take 5 minutes to print these articles out and any others you can find:

Then print, sign, and send the attached form (already completed, after the jump) or download a blank and fill it out yourself HERE.

Or, here's a smiliar tactic from

Strip the Mormon Church of its current tax exemption status as a religious organization. Through Proposition 8, the Mormon Church has once again shown its true colors as a political group, with very specific social ends. Political speech is fair and legal; however such speech and political fundraising under the guise of religion is not. The playing field must now be leveled once and for all!

Californians will vote on future propositions to correct this flawed amendment next year, and every year, until we achieve our GLBT rights under the state constitution. We must be assured that our advocacy organizations are on an equal legal and financial playing field as those of our opponents.

SIGN AND PASS THIS. As they said last tonight at San Francisco City Hall... it’s time for all Gays and Lesbians to bring up the fight and to get active once again!

Previously, we were dancing in the streets over the election of Obama.
that pretty much got cut short when the TV screen set up by the Lovefest people showed Prop 8 winning by 200,000 votes.

Still, we had a few hours of joy before it became bittersweet. People honked horns, beat drums and banged pots like the fourth of July; no, better.

There are also several videos of San Francisco celebrations on YouTube.

It's important to contemplate our future as a nation, the elegance and reality of a new First Lady who will expand her husband's message.

And still, we have to move on. Continue the fight for gay equality.


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