Thursday, November 13, 2008

Critical Mass for Marriage Rights

Join The Impact - Protest for LGBT Rights!
The New York Protest march unfurled a hand-sewn banner by organizer Gilbert Baker while 1000s carried signs which read "Separation of Church and State" and "Tax the Mormon Church" and chants like "Straight. Gay. Black. White. Gay Marriage is a Civil Right." The protest started at the Mormon Church (of Latter Day Saints) at 125 Columbus Ave and with the aid of Norman Siegel; civil rights lawyer, we were able to march down Broadway to Columbus Circle.

It seems that with the growing media interest that this is snowballing into 'Stonewall on Steroids' with the inevitable March on Washington to Come perhaps in the Spring and predicted to bring out easily more than a million especially since the "Non-protester" types see the time to protect and fight for our Equal Rights and the same civil rights as others who can marry. Many gays believe that an Obama administration may be Hope for Change on Gay Legal Marriage and protecting Gay families.

The November 15th National Protest on Saturday is listed at as every city in the US mobilizes for the right to Gay Marriage and opposition to Proposition 8 which passed in California, as well as anti-Gay Marriage wins in Arizona and Florida.

BAR coverage of the post-election problems, upcoming protests, and previous ones, including Sacramento.

Videos and pics of the New York protest at the wonderful JoeMyGod and KnuckleCrack's sites.

Some people aren't waiting for the Saturday National Protest against Proposition 8.

Thursday Nov. 13
11am - Riverside, CA - UC Riverside - Bell Tower
4:30pm - Irvine, CA - UC Irvine - Campus & Culver Drive

Friday Nov. 14
11:30am - San Diego, CA - UC San Diego - 9450 Gillman Drive
5pm - Hermosa Beach, CA - Hermosa Beach Pier
7pm - Los Angeles - UCLA Bruin Plaza

Saturday, November 15th
10:30 AM Pacific Time
(1:30 PM Eastern / 12:30 PM Central / 11:30 PM Mountain)

San Francisco Protest Details

Riverside, CA

Berkeley, CA

San Jose, CA

Sacramento, CA

Fresno, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Irvine, CA

Eureka/Humboldt County, CA

Fairfield, CA

Orange County, CA

Santa Rosa, CA

Long Beach, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Bakersfield, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Stockton, CA

San Diego, CA

The Saturday protests are ALL across the country, even Marquette, Michigan and Oklahoma City. Goodness!

Hank Wilson, 61.

We lost one of the great activists of our time last week.

Hank Wilson died after decades of serving the community, in so many ways. HERE's an obit feature in the Chronicle. At least he lived to see Obama elected, which, I'm told, he enjoyed. His spirit is smiling over all the thousands and thousands of new activists born in the past week.

I don't care how silly any rightwinger or cynical gay thinks we are. This bitchslap really woke up a lot of complacent people, and it's just starting.

Visit for lots of updates, links and info.

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