Thursday, October 9, 2008

Redneck Heck

The pig bigot rightwingers are letting their fangs show, and Satan Palin's leading the way. At rallies and carefully staged events to make the mustachioed Caribou Barbie look good (and the Methusalan McCain look non-dead), audiences at the events have become more vocally racist, hateful, shouting violent epithets and acting like... well, terrorists.

Here's the incredulous video from Strongsville, Ohio. This is just one example.

Towleroad put a bunch of hideous McAint-SatanPalin event facts together. These creeps are acting like a lynch mob; a desperate hateful LOSING mob.

But not all rednecks are the dumb phucks McAint's crowd is proving to be. Rednecks for Obama attempts to bridge that divide. Good luck to them.

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