Saturday, October 18, 2008

St. Louis Slugger

While crazed rightwingers shout for attacks against Barack Obama, and nutbags call him a "Muslim, a terrorist" and worse, thanks to the divisive bilious screeds of Palin, journalists get pummeled to the ground at Palin rallies.

Meanwhile, Obama rallies, like this one in St. Louis, bring out 100,000 peace-loving enthusiastic supporters.

And yet, the polls continue to prop up McCain as if he is a contender. No McCain rally has ever had this big a crowd. In fact, they've been lying about their numbers since the beginning.

Meanwhile, as CNN shows, in my former hometown of Ashland, Ohio, the economy is tanked, the Archway cookie factory has closed, and my former neighbors are finally getting a clue that the Chimpoleon regime hasn't done them any good. In fact, the rightwing policies of that town have sucked it dry of industry and success.

"The town of Ashland is a dying town," was Terry Mowery's sad take. "All the manufacturing is leaving."

Politics is for the most part predictable in a conservative place like this. At the local Republican headquarters, the signs in the window are simple: "PRO LIFE" reads one. "PRO GUNS," is another.

That's yet another reason I'm happy that I'll never go back there.

Even with the inevitable ballot fraud commited by GOPers, and the Supreme Court having told Ohio GOPers to flake off with their attempt to surpess new voters, the Rethugs are still screaming about ACORN and attacking people who work for it, while they were only too happy with the obvious frauds committed in Ohio by Kenneth Blackwell in 2004, McCain is still far behind in electoral votes, which, sadly, are all that matters. No, sorry, I don't see individual votes being counted accurately, ever again.

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