Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hoehn-ing in

So, just who are the rightwing asshats behind the bogus ballot initiative that hopes to add discrimination against gays into the California constitution?

Old rich white men in San Diego, mostly.

This article lays it out quite clearly.

You've Hoehn's used car empire. Wanna buy a Mercedes? Well, it helps to hate the gays.

They also sponsor a bicycle race. Funny how they're always a cycling connection, eh?

You've got real estate greedmeister Doug Manchester.

Here's a full list of organizations and people who hate gay marriage so much they are throwing thousands and thousands of dollars into an unconstitutional constitutional amendment; the fucksticks.

You would think when a Catholic organization donates thousands to a ballot initiative, the church should have its nonprofit tax license revoked, wouldn't you?

The same should go with the obscure religious cult, Family Discipleship Ministries.

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