Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Generic Gay Pride!

Whew! After finishing final touch-ups on the web version of the BAR's Pride issue, I hopped over to Mecca with pal Marko to partake in the PINK Magazine Pride party. It was swamped with fun and stylish people. After swilling a few appletinis, among the other media ho's, we dished the various publications' coverage of Pride.

SF Weekly? Lame-ass, with a cartoon of two straight supes as gun-toting gangstas. Guardian? Semi-lame, with a porny '70s look and a feature on a gay DJ.

SF Bay Times? Well, at least its headline included the right year (last year's proclaimed Happy Pride 2008; so avante-garde!)

But the best (other than the BAR, of course) was The Onion's Pride ish, which included some tasty stock imagery (also used by

The Onion also republished their infamous "Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?" column; a classic.

It says a lot when a satirical publication does a better job covering homos than a serious one.

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