Sunday, March 2, 2008

March in March

Here's your last opportunity to be in the 'Milk' movie directed by Gus Van Sant.

March 9, all day, they'll be recreating the 1978 Gay Freedom Day march/parade. This was before Harvey Milk was assassinated, and a very festive occasion, so they'll need a lot of people. Sign up at

But before you think of getting dressed up in some wild stereotype of '70s drag, check out these videos of the real 1978 march. Folks were rather ordinary-looking, for the most part. Lots of jeans and t-shirts, of course. Still, sweet and historic; a few festive drag queens and hunks.

The videos were uploaded by Don Frazell, who's been converting old films for the GLBT Historical Society. They've got an amazing collection. In this one, you can briefly see Harvey Milk.

See more historic gay footage going back to the 1940s (!!), including Sylvester performing, a few riots, personal home movies, and lots of other fascinating stuff, HERE.

The last time I was an extra in the Milk film, it was near my home, but late, somber, and it was for the historic first candlelight march.

This time will be all day, sunny (I predict) and a lot more fun.

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