Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sinful Axe

GOPiggie candy-date Mike Huckabee said in 1992 that people with AIDS should be quarantined. He still thinks that's a good idea.

Ryan White's mom, and millions of others, think he's a loon.

Unfortunately, a lot of other loons are planning to vote for him, like the guy who wrote the far rightwing apocalyptic fetish Left Behind books. He's one of the Huckster's "consultants."

Rudy Giuliani now says homosexuality isn't a sin, but "it's the acts that are sinful." Of course, living with gay men while you're mayor after your wife has kicked you out of Gracie Mansion for being a proven adulterer and having on-duty cops walk your mistress's dog isn't a sin in his beady eyes.

But those drag acts La Rudita performed are definitely a Mortal Sin of Fashion.

And speaking of acts, Dick Cavett would like to give you a blow job, for $1000.

Quelle surprise. I knew he was gay when I was about, oh, ten?

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Anonymous said...

how ironic