Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Breaking Nudes

Chimpoleon lied yet again today, bleating and harumphing that Iran still poses a "nook-ewe-lahr" threat, despite a NIE report proving he's wrong, and proof that he knew this months ago. Does CNN have this as its lead item? Here and there.

What's at the top of their video online list? Nude shoppers. This is categorized under "Breaking News." (If video link is gone, another version's on YouTube).

CNN, which recently deleted the entire section of the GOP candidate YouTube "debate" with a gay veteran asking about Don't Ask Don't Tell, continued their idiocy by apologizing for including former Brigadier General Keith Kerr in the broadcast. They erroneously claimed that he was a "Clinton plant." He isn't. Yet, CNN fell in lockstep with the rightwing noise machine (see my previous post or JoeMyGod's).

What's their idea of news? Naked shoppers. Two guys went into a convenience store completely naked (one wore sensible shoes).

I don't mind "news" that includes male nudity, although the blurred parts are more than symbolic of CNN's censorious policies, and omissions of the "goods." i.e., Chimpoleon's lies, their own distortions, and general inanity.

From elsewhere: "Funny how a Scottsdale convenience store apparently has more comprehensive video surveillance than the Pentagon and that CNN is better able to show footage of a couple of nude shoppers than it can of the passenger plane that allegedly struck the headquarters of the US military."

So why aren't I leading by example, and blogging about more serious things? Because it's not my job. And naked guys are more fun than repeatedly reposting links to stories about how blatantly corrupt and stupid our totally impeachment-worthy "decider" is.

Similarly, ABC's Nightline, which has become more of a puff piece entertainment show over the years, did a nice story on the Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping and their film, What Would Jesus Buy? It's a timely piece. I should know. In my BAR column, I mentioned the film weeks ago when it screened here in SF.

while it was lighthearted, it's nice to see something subversive and independent getting national attention (producer Morgan Spurlock had to pay for distribution himself, because theatres were chicken to pony up for it).

So, the message? This holiday season, stop shopping. But if you must, do it naked.

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