Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Early

Who best to provide your perfect Christian holiday gift than Thomas Kinkade, "Painter of Light!" (TM).

"Collectible Thomas Kinkade Faith Mountain Brings the Passion to Life as an Exclusive Work of Religious Christian Home Decor!"

You truly must enjoy its excess of Christian dreckness at the website, with the Christian VIEW up close feature, for peeking at every Christian detail in all its holy glory.

It's kind of like a cake on acid, or an assbackward take on Minas Tirith. But it Lights Up!!

In other news of early holiday gifts, yet another potential Republican gay sex scandal is boiling over the blogosphere, but has yet to spill over itno mainstream (i.e. corporate-owned) newsfotainment.

JoeMyGod, TowleRoad and Queerty have it, while America Blog is dismissing it as a non-story, as is Dan Savage. Huffington Post also comments.

Why did Trent Lott abruptly quit his senate seat? Perhaps because he (allegedly) had a few trysts with twinky-dink gay ho. The ho is a bit of a blabbermouth plagiarist -turned-lips-sealed. Hey, who would want to end up dead in a ditch somewhere, which is what usually happens to ho's who tell after boinking closeted reichwing politicos?

Anyhoo, Larry Flynt claims to be on it, but he made a lot of claims.

A near-miss, so far, as was the almost pleasant news of Cheney's heart stopping, again.

It's nice to get holiday gifts early, even if they aren't wrapped properly. But then, as a kid, I always shopped from the catalogs, as did the brilliant blogger at Plaid Stallions.

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