Friday, November 9, 2007

Buckeye sight

I couldn't have asked for a more enthusiastic write-up of Cyclizen and my reading Saturday evening than in this week's Gay People's Chronicle.

One hell of a trip, like dodging cars on a fast bike

Cyclizen (Lulu, $14.95 trade paperback) is the tale of a bicycle courier, living in San Francisco, recounting his life in New York City during the heyday of ACT UP and other protest groups.

Provenzano accomplishes the seemingly miraculous task of spinning a yarn that is simultaneously meandering and as on-point as an arrow loosed from an over-taut bow.

Readers can never be sure where this book is heading, but it’s one hell of a trip from point A to point B, filled with rich vocabulary and occasional forays into clever wordplay.

(some biographical info, summated nicely, then ...) The event will be at 7 pm November 10 at Suspect Thoughts Books, 4903 Clark Ave. in Cleveland. For more information call 216-631‑2665.

Thanks to Anthony Glassman and GPC (they did a big ole feature in 2000 when I was back here in Ohio and read from PINS in Columbus.)!

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Alex Gildzen said...

give Cleveland a big embrace from me.