Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crossing, Guarded

SFGate/SF Chronicle reports on the most dangerous street crossings in our otherwise fair city. Pedestrian fatalities are up to nearly 32. Anti-cycling cranks should note that a small minority of these involved cyclists. It's mostly cars hitting pedestrians.

The most dangerous intersection? Octavia and Oak Street (see a 360 degree view).

Not only is that intersection a mere few blocks from my home; it's also where I shot the cover for my book, Cyclizen (the back cover was shot at the nearby Orpheum Theatre).

Manhattan's Fifth Ave. and the Empire State Building were Photoshopped in from an old ACT UP march photo I took.

Fortunately, Patricio and I had a safe photo shoot (for the lower half of the image). But damn, it is an awful intersection. I usually try to avoid it by walking along Hayes St. or Haight instead.

A recent survey was done about the effect of the "Boulevard" in Hayes Valley. Among the questions were if the multi-lane "improvement" segregated one half of the neighborhood from the other. Duh. Nothing like having a highway in the middle of your 'hood to change things.

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