Thursday, August 9, 2007

Be Kind, Rewind

So, the Logo Democratic infomericals, i.e. "debates" were aired. You can play them online. See the Democrats relax in comfy chairs, not standing at podiums. How 21st Century. Thanks to Human Rights Campaign and its multiple millions for herding the candidates.

The candidates didn't actually debate so much as make isolated statements with which we are by now quite familiar.

They're against the war, sort of, but refuse, for the most part, to publicly state how conniving and evil the Chimpoleon empire is. They want to lift the ban on gays in the military, for what? So gays can die and be injured in a lie of a war?

And what of gay marriage?

John Edwards is still "struggling" with his own personal ick factor. His wife Elizabeth is cool with it, as she stated in SF over last Gay Pride weekend. Like that will have any effect. We're subsequently going to "struggle" with the concept of voting for Edwards, despite his wonderful wife.

Despite appearing at an upcoming $250 and up fundraiser August 12 at Trader Vic's hosted by LGBT political wonks (with no press allowed), Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has remained evasive on her stance over gay marriage - make that civil unions. Boy, we're still a wedge issue. How we've evolved.

Not to blame one's spouse, but guest questioner-singer Melissa Etheridge recalled the 1993 March on Washington, when she came out, and we all supported Bill Clinton, only to be "thrown under the bus." Mrs. Clinton said "those days are over." How nice for her. How nice for everyone.

Barack Obama speaks strongly. But how often does he bring up the gay peeps when speaking to other communities? Will the (basically racist) United States of America, and its voters, and the corrupt corporate machine behind the elections and antiquated Electoral College allow an African-American president, in a country that (sort of) elected Chimpoleon twice?

Bill Richardson's still clueless regarding the "maricones."

The other guys?

As I did in the last election, I'll vote for Dennis Kucinich in the primaries, and apparently, so will 26% of Logo viewers. Then, I'll vote for whichever Democratic candidate the back room-dealing corporations pay for, which will be Hillary Clinton.

Kucinich remains exactly on par with my idealistic leftwing hopes and dreams. He's the only candidate who has for years advocated for gay marriage. He's the only candidate brave enough to call for impeachment of Bush and Cheney. He's green, and in favor of so many smart yet probably undoable policies, he's worth a token vote.

He also kicked corrupt lying fired ex-Defense Secretary Donnie Rumsfeld's ass in the Pat Tillman investigation.

And unlike Mrs. Clinton's expensive Bay Area appearance, Mr. Kucinich will be at the Commonwealth Club August 10, and you can hear him speak for only $15.

And what of the Log Cabin Republicans, whose plethora of adulterous, dog-killing, "Bomb Iran"-spewing candidates ALL cowardly backed out of the gay debates?

How will they find the spine to actually endorse any candidate, since all of them refused to acknowledge them by weaseling out of the "debates?" What will their alleged many members - and not the fake multicultural stock images on their website- do?

Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn.

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