Monday, January 3, 2011


Bumble Bees IN U.S. Suffer Sharp Decline
Latest research on U.S. bumble bees only exacerbates concerns over future food production, as bees are responsible for pollinating 90 percent of the world's commercial plants, from fruits and vegetables to coffee and cotton.

Hundreds of dead blackbirds found near New Roads
LABARRE, La. - Around 500 dead blackbirds and starlings have been found in Pointe Coupee Parish, according to state wildlife officials.

The birds were spotted lying in roads and ditches near Labarre Elementary School. The community is between Morganza and New Roads on Highway 10. Scientists from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have been sent out to collect samples, which will be sent for testing to the University of Georgia and National Wildlife Center in Wisconsin.

This comes after about 5,000 blackbirds and swallows were found dead around Beebe, Ark. on New Year's Eve. Dr. Jim LaCour with LDWF said he's not sure the two incidents are connected.

"It's not common, (but) we do see a few die-offs for various reasons," said LaCour. "Yes, we need to look into it, we need to be a little alarmed, but it's not out of the scope of things to have a die-off."

Birds fall out of sky en masse

Maybe the Mayans were on to something?
That's surely what students of the famed Mayan 2012 prophecy for the end of the world had to be thinking with the news of recent eerie wildlife die-offs in Arkansas. Just as the calendar nudged a year closer to that fateful date, birds began falling from the sky in Arkansas and a massive fish kill occurred some 125 miles to the west.

The end of days?

Oops. Never mind...

Expert says storm likely killed thousands of birds

...for now.

Oops. More.

Dead birds fall from the sky in Maryland, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Thousands of dead fish in Toronto.

Thousands of dead fish in Florida.

Thousands of dead fish in Arizona.

Boy, that "storm" sure gets around.

Update, Jan 6: ..and thousands of dead crabs wash up on shore in New England.

I guess that "storm" went below sea level.

Oh, and here's the latest: Thousands of dead turtle doves with odd green markings on their beaks drop dead in Italy.

Let's keep track of our species apocalypse, shall we?

EU Times has a long list of recent mass species die-offs.

Slide show of previous mysterious animal mass alleged suicides.

But don't compare any of them to lemmings. Read online:

"I forget the exact details, but basically what happened with those POOR lemmings, was that the Disney Corporatio­n was on this wildlife filming kick, so they rounded up these lemmings, hoping to film them in cliff-side area. Unfortunat­ely the animals were completely confused, and stressed and ended up leaping off the cliff out of confusion, not from a mass desire to commit suicide. But Disney sold it that way ever since.

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