Friday, June 11, 2010


No, it's not a new sandwich, like a PPJ. But "Boycott British Petroleum" may be tougher than you think. Most people don't have the advantage of being cyclist-commuters, but many drivers passing this "polite" protest on the sidewalk next to an Arco gas station (owned by BP) honked their horns in approval.

Cyclists and others, about 30 in total, rode and walked to the problematic gas station, whose entrance driveway cuts off cyclists. On a larger scale, I was hoping there would be more direct action, but it's not wise to go civil disobedience on the site of a flammable gas station. Still, a small message was conveyed.

I was also given a mini-flyer for a "Hair Raising Party" (shouldn't that be hair RAZING?)June 12, 2pm-6pm at 250 Loomis Warehouse (way down on Bayshore and Industrial; quite a bike ride, so maybe carpool).

Although BP has refused hair donations (which made me feel like my head-shaving stunt was futile), I was told that Louisiana locals are making their own hair-sopper mats. So Matter of Trust still serves a purpose.

Free punk CDs for anyone getting a Mohawk! I'd go, but I'm otherwise occupied, and don't have much hair to donate again ... yet!

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