Friday, July 3, 2009

Quittin' Time

From her tacky back yard in Wasilla, Alaska, sociopathic Gov. Sarah Palin accomplished one thing as she announced her impending resignation.

She bumped the endless stream of Michael Jackson news stories off the TV and interwebs for a day.

As a scathing feature article about her in Vanity Fair hits newsstands, rightwing blatherers are simultaneously going through the five stages of grief, and spinning her quit act as a smart "strategery" that'll give her the freedom to apparently do her little Klan Burlesque act at Elks lodges nationwide.

Or, who knows? Maybe the monstrously clueless woman thinks that not being governor will prevent her from being sued for her numerous impending ethics violation citations.

The loose cannon will be even more loose, not unlike her strange rambling quit speech (see video posted on JoeMyGod). Let the people see what a true nutbag she is.

Oh, wait. They did, and she lost the presidential election for McCain. Meanwhile, Alaskans heave a sigh of relief.


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