Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another rightwing lying thief

View co-host Hasselbeck accused of plagiarism

BOSTON (AP) — "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been accused of plagiarism.

A lawsuit in federal court in Massachusetts alleges that Hasselbeck lifted "word for word" content from a book on celiac disease written by a self-published author on Cape Cod.

Hasselbeck's book, "The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide" has appeared over the last month in several best-selling lists.

The lawsuit was filed by author Susan Hassett, who says she sent Hasselbeck a copy of her "Living With Celiac Disease" book as a courtesy after the TV celebrity disclosed she had the illness last year.

A lawyer for Hassett declined to comment Tuesday. A phone message left with Hasselbeck's agent, Andy Cohen, was not immediately returned.


Hasselbeck, at left, with the evil Sarah Palin, who has a rightwing hireling to pen her "autobiography."

I despise plagiarists. That's why I despise Jonathan Larsen's Rent, the Harry Potter books, the Mor(m)on Twilight series, and anyone who steals someone else's ideas. It's lower than that of a bicycle thief.

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