Monday, March 2, 2009

Secret Agent, Man.

Secret Bush memos made public by Obama

Document says no warrant needed to search and seize terror suspects

The Associated Press

updated 5:14 p.m. ET, Mon., March. 2, 2009

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department on Monday released a long-secret legal document from 2001 in which the Bush administration claimed the military could search and seize terror suspects in the United States without warrants.

The legal memo was written about a month after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. It says constitutional protections against unlawful search and seizure would not apply to terror suspects in the U.S., as long as the president or another high official authorized the action.

Even after the Bush administration rescinded that legal analysis, the Justice Department refused to release its contents, prompting a standoff with congressional Democrats.

The memo was one of nine released Monday by the Obama administration.

Another memo showed that, within two weeks of Sept. 11, the administration was contemplating wa--

Here's where the text cut off at a jump from a link.

I thought it would finish: "...contemplating war with Iraq."

Because that's the Conspiracy Theory 101, i.e. motive, for any suspicions of Bushco's actions.

But the article says the memos merely says Bushco sought "ways to use wiretaps without getting warrants."

Eitherway, their evil deds are getting another airing.

They've unleashed their jowly Jabba the Limbo on the airwaves from ReichWingClapTrap convention that went on last week. That's supposed to distract you. "Bush who?" they bleat.

They want you to forget the past eight years.
I say, Rethugs, you didn't even bury the bodies.

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