Monday, February 16, 2009

Quest for Flamer

...or, how to ruin a potentially great franchise in yet another derivative action movie based on a silly TV show.

According to the amusing yet grammatically inept, Duane "The Rock" Johnson and Zak Efron, twinktacular star of High School Musical 1-498 are in talks to star in a live-action film version of the 60s cartoon show Jonny Quest.

The website says that the entire concept is "creepy," i.e. "gay."
IESB: I can see it, I can see that too but a part of me is like I don't know, maybe for the second or the third movie he could be the older kid.

DJ: But right out of the blocks he has to be what he is, right?

IESB: He has to be a kid who needs to be taken care of, and if he's 17, 18 years old who's taking care of him? He's a dude. DJ: [laughing] Right, right, a dude taking care of another dude. Then it becomes creepy.

IESB: Two dudes flying a plane with a pug.

I've got news for the macho man who got his start in show business wearing panties and rolling around with other sweaty men.

Jonny Quest is a show about a gay family.

Two adult men, partners, have two cute little kids who are very close.

There were no women in the original show.

Even the '90s updated animated version had a girl, but Race Bannon and Dr. Quest were still "partners."

Leave it concept-dead Hollywood to de-gayify one of the great unconsciously gay (and unfortunately incredibly racist) 60s cartoons ever.

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KMS said...

Oh, yes. Break it down for us! The Rock and the Twink. Works for me.