Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change, and Bookmark

Change has come to America, and to the White House web site.

In the flick of a server switch, as the now-historic Inauguration ceremonies were taking place, and Chimpoleon's belongings were dumped into a truck, even the official White House website was dramatically changed.

At the same time, pathetic rightwing scumbags have been installing malicious viruses and hateful rhetoric on fake websites. The inauguration ceremonies were guarded by extra police and security, because of insane loser rightwing threats of violence.

As the losing bilious rightwing becomes a sad sidebar, Democrats and believers in democracy also have to be careful online. Bush may be in Texas, and evil Cheney may be in a wheelchair, but their hateful minions continue to be an annoying and real problem.

Yet, we must look forward, unflinchingly. Check out the expansive LGBT issues in the Civil Rights section. Hopefully, this will counter the bland and inane invocation by Evangelical goateed fatface Warren, and the blunder of omitting Bishop Robinson's Sunday sermon.


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