Sunday, September 14, 2008


Always make you think these two are just a tad atrococious!

When they lie so often you're amazed they're so ambitious!

Dirtier than chimney sweeps with all the mud they're flinging


Riffing on the "bad Disney movie" theme envisioned so clearly by Matt Damon...

A round-up of McCain-Palin lies

1) Sarah Palin said, "thanks but no thanks for that bridge to nowhere." In fact, she was in favor of the bridge until Congress effectively killed the bill, but then kept the $200 million and built, instead, a road to nowhere.

2) Palin was an effective mayor who managed the city well. In fact, she hired a city manager to run the city, left the city of 7,000 people $22 million in debt, and was nearly recalled for trying to fire the librarian and chief of police for political reasons.

3) The rally in Virginia drew a crowd of 24,000 people. In fact, it was about 8,000.

4) Sarah Palin, in her first trip out of North America, visited Iraq on a "life-changing trip." In fact, she visited the Kuwait-Iraq border, but never entered Iraq. Also, although the campaign said she'd visited Ireland, it was only a refueling stop.

5) Barack Obama supported a bill in Illinois that taught sex ed to kindergartners. In fact, it was a program to help children recognize "good" touches from "bad" touches in an effort to help stop pedophiles.

6) Obama will raise taxes on the middle class. In fact, Obama will not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 per year.

7) Sarah Palin has fought against earmark spending in Alaska. In fact, she applied for $256 million in federal earmarks, and received $346 million dollars. This is, per capita, ten times the national average, and in spite of the fact that because of Alaska's oil rich economy, Alaskans were each given a $1,200 energy rebate check - money that WE paid to THEM with OUR soaring energy costs.


In other sad news, David Foster Wallace died.

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